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The MKH....

...will fuck you up.

The MKH.
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This is a community about the band the MKH from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Vocals, Guitar, Synth (sometimes) - James Willett (whatisxsquared)

Bass - Erik Nilssen

Drums - Matt Rabassa (weatheredphotos)




Ambrose Nzams (swiftymcqikstep)
Parker Pillsbury (_haloofflies)

When you join please post these questions and answer them:

What's you're name?
Where are you from?
How did you find about the MKH?
What's your favorite MKH song
What are some of your favorite bands?
Also, post a picture of yourself if you'd like.

Also, got any good/bad zings? If so. Post 'em in this community.

Pictures credited to many people.

"did i stutter?", "huh doughboy", "i'm shocked", *hand dip*, ..., =-o, acid pro, alexisonfire, ali g, ambrose nzams, andrew wk, asses, asses with zipcodes, atom and his package, bad zings, basement shows, bear and the butterfly, bens chilli bowl, bitch tits, bitches, brainsik, chappelle show, cicis, cock, cock annihilators, community centers, cxa, cxa chats, dave chappelle, doing your mom, down syndrome, eating, elevator music, erik nilssen, failing at rapping, fat james, football games, freestyle fridays, freestylin, fuck the police, fucking you up, gaithersburg, gaithersburg high, getting shows shutdown, ghs underground, hating mapquest, hey you fuck you, high five friday, house shows, hxc hall, james willett, laughing, leaving this town alive, making fun of eachother, making fun of people, matt fights mr walker, matt rabassa, metro, mocking people, moco, not getting paid, nwa, olde towne, parker pillsbury, playing, poms, public access tv, recording, rhyming, shows, silver diner, suck it!, superficial standards, swedish, synths, the cure, the d.i.l.f., the electric maid, the elimenos, the mkh, the mkhmobile, the pietasters, the ratchet boys, the redline, the u-turn, victor litz, washington dc, wing stop, with level head intact, zings